Until recently, my 12 hour days were filled with business meetings and travel. That came to a screeching halt when I broke my hip. How does a successful executive cope with this? With surgery and rehabilitation on the horizon, I needed to plan ahead about my return home in about six weeks.

A colleague suggested that I contact Dale Miller at Aging in Place USA. I called her and she agreed to come to the hospital to meet me. My impression was that she was a knowledgeable professional that seemed to be understanding of my needs. Boy was I right!

A day later, Dale and her team visited my home, and came back to me with a realistic plan that would adapt my home to my needs and budget. They resurfaced the path to my front door by sloping it and eliminated the step up at the door. They installed a Ring Doorbell that allowed me to see who was at the door on my cell phone, wherever I was. By sloping the floor in my bathroom, removing the curb to the shower, replacing the old shower door and adding a seat inside the shower, I was able to easily and safely take a shower. And yes they installed grab bars in the bathroom and they actually matched the towel bars.

I will be forever grateful to Dale Miller and her team at Aging in Place. They miraculously transformed my home to a safer place for me and my walker. And they did it on time without increasing the budget!