At Aging in Place USA llc we believe that living safely and comfortably is the key to living the best life possible. Our team has the ability to transform your home to suit your personal needs and your lifestyle, enabling you to live self-sufficiently.


With over 20 year of experience designing senior living communities, Dale Miller is recognized as a leader in the field of assisted living design. Her company “Daring by Design Inc.” has earned numerous interior design awards and accolades. Her personal experience with aging  family members has led her to believe that there is another choice available beyond assisted living, and she created Aging in Place USA llc.

The team at Aging in Place USA llc is comprised of professionals with licenses, training and expertise in design, architecture, construction, therapy and technology. Most team members are certified aging in place specialists.


We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of how you live your life. Our team spends time with you in your home, to gain insight into your lifestyle, needs and desires. We view with our trained eyes, listen with patience and understanding, and we respect your privacy.

As a team we will utilize our professional expertise to create a comprehensive written assessment of the interior and exterior of your home. We will investigate health and safety issues in your dwelling. We will share our Aging in Place Assessment Report with you as well as others, if you desire. We will propose Aging in Place solutions to the challenges that are depriving you of living your life independently, in a safe and comfortable home.

We can provide design concepts and associated costs that will enable you to make wise decisions when moving forward with your project. Our team will design, construct and install new furnishings, equipment and technology that meet your personal needs. We will be there to guide you, every step of the way, toward a dignified, independent lifestyle.