“When you have a million things to do prior to purchasing a new home, without your wife seeing it first, and commuting back and forth from another state to make it all happen, you reach out to a professional to give yourself some peace of mind. That is what Dale did for me.

After I looked at 20 different shades of white for my walls, ceiling, fireplace and baseboards I was confused and could not make a decision. She simply said “send me 3 pictures:  1) your existing living room furniture 2) your new living room and  3) a picture of a living room you would like it to look like. A few days later I received the color codes and names for all the above that I forwarded on to our painter. The existing color choices went from 3 shades of brown on the walls, and a clay color on the porch, to a clean, fresh new palette to brighten up our new Florida home.”

Darrell B