Working with Dale and her company Aging in Place has been enlightening. They came to my home and did a complete audit of what minor and potentially larger changes could be made to my home to make it much safer for my father-in-law who lives with me, or my mom when she visits.

I was very worried what would happen if someone slips and falls, if things aren’t set up in a way that’s safe for them, and she had so many tools that I had never heard about that would be so beneficial.

She also has the know how, experience, and attention to detail to help you make any changes in your home in an elegant, beautiful way. I have loved working with Dale and have learned so much from her. My home is safer for all and much more beautiful because of her.

Shivani Gupta

Until recently, my 12 hour days were filled with business meetings and travel. That came to a screeching halt when I broke my hip. How does a successful executive cope with this? With surgery and rehabilitation on the horizon, I needed to plan ahead about my return home in about six weeks.

A colleague suggested that I contact Dale Miller at Aging in Place USA. I called her and she agreed to come to the hospital to meet me. My impression was that she was a knowledgeable professional that seemed to be understanding of my needs. Boy was I right!

A day later, Dale and her team visited my home, and came back to me with a realistic plan that would adapt my home to my needs and budget. They resurfaced the path to my front door by sloping it and eliminated the step up at the door. They installed a Ring Doorbell that allowed me to see who was at the door on my cell phone, wherever I was. By sloping the floor in my bathroom, removing the curb to the shower, replacing the old shower door and adding a seat inside the shower, I was able to easily and safely take a shower. And yes they installed grab bars in the bathroom and they actually matched the towel bars.

I will be forever grateful to Dale Miller and her team at Aging in Place. They miraculously transformed my home to a safer place for me and my walker. And they did it on time without increasing the budget!


“When you have a million things to do prior to purchasing a new home, without your wife seeing it first, and commuting back and forth from another state to make it all happen, you reach out to a professional to give yourself some peace of mind. That is what Dale did for me.

After I looked at 20 different shades of white for my walls, ceiling, fireplace and baseboards I was confused and could not make a decision. She simply said “send me 3 pictures:  1) your existing living room furniture 2) your new living room and  3) a picture of a living room you would like it to look like. A few days later I received the color codes and names for all the above that I forwarded on to our painter. The existing color choices went from 3 shades of brown on the walls, and a clay color on the porch, to a clean, fresh new palette to brighten up our new Florida home.”

Darrell B
Bathroom with a flower

As a fairly active couple in our early eighties, we realized that making our home safe from accidents was a situation that should be addressed. My husband found a business that answered our needs, Aging In Place USA.

Dale Miller visited our home and the thoughtful manner in which she listened to our ideas, analyzed our life style and studied the indoor and outdoor architecture of our residence, led us to select her firm as the one to answer our needs.  I was adamant about our home maintaining its warm and classic character. It was not to resemble a gym or a rehabilitation center. Dale smiled at my concerns and assured me that our home would be safe and stately.

The work is now completed. Dale was right, our home is safer than it was, but it looks the same. Those needed interior and exterior railings have been absorbed into the architecture and do not draw attention to them nor detract from the decor. The additions look as if they belong in our home.

Thank you, Dale, you do great work and have become good friend.

Sincerely yours,